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The First Lot Swap, Lot Bridge, & Lot Farm

Transactions Simplified. Select what coin or token you want, whether you want to swap, bridge, or farm and click LotSwap! Pair with others wanting the same transaction and share the cost.

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Safe & Simple

Finally, a place where in one click you can swap, bridge, or provide liquidity, all at record-breaking costs

Behind The Scenes

Bridging and Swapping can be a long and confusing process, typically requiring several manual steps to complete a transaction. LotSwap drastically simplifies this effort through automation and auto-pairing.

  • Requests Are Made
  • Transactions Are Grouped
  • Lot Orders Into One
  • Swap/Bridge/Liquidity
  • Disperse To Users
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How We Solve The Fee Problem

Simple solutions can work if we just organize and work together

Scaling blockchain networks remains an ongong problem. LotSwap is not here to solve such technical issues. Rather, LotSwap ensures users will have an ability to participate in the blockchain ecosystem regardless of how the scaling dilemma unfolds.

Our solution is simple, be willing to work together, own a piece of a network together, and pair with one another to share the fee of transacting on the network. If you own the network and use the network as a service, then you are both the owner and the customer. This embodies the perfect relationship between organization and customer to eliminate service gaps; no one knows you better than yourself.

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Decentralizing Ownership

We enable the common individual to gain ownership

LotSwap is here to bring more decentralized ownership and governance to blockchain networks, increase adoption by offering user friendly ways to interact, and facilitate web3 participation for new demographics.

LotSwap's goal is to be a DAO staking community where those who want an easy, low cost swap service can be more than just a customer. Users can also be liquidity providers and reap the benefits of transaction fee revenue through staking rewards.

Our Plan Of Action

Development Roadmap

Our exisiting technology allows us to very quickly intgrate more lot pairs as well as more lot bridges to other smart contract networks.

Q1 2022
Token Launch & Testnet App

Upon token launch, we will launch the Lot swap and bridge smart contract to the testnet so that we can create the necessary volume to test contract limitations.

Q2 2022
Bridge Launch & Mainnet App

From testnet tests we will implement a Chainlink node network to provide a secure mainnet bridge service as soon as possible. Then we will begin to create the LotSwap private node network for a more enhanced and secure bridge and message protocol.

Q3 2022
Lot Liquidity Providing

Already across multiple networks with the ability to bridge and swap with Lot features, LotSwap can now create the protocol to provide liquidity to defi pairs in a Lot fashion with the click of a button. Features will include the ability to create multiple time expirations per pair and the possibility to liquidate in case of emergency.

Q4 2022
DAO Staking Program

Now that LotSwap's contract is providing a Lot service and taking in revenue in the form of transaction fees, LotSwap can now create a DAO staking system where without creating inflation new stakers can come in and be rewarded for placing their stake as a liquidity reserve.

Q1 2023
Voting Structure & New Networks

While LotSwap is continuing to expand bridges to new networks and expand swap pairs within each network, the next stage will be to set up the voting mechanism system so that holders can shape the roadmap moving forward. There will be a focus to create less opportunity for inequality between token holders and voting rights.

Q2 2023
Full Service Swap

The structure and base will start for a stand-alone lot swap service where the contracts and individuals provide the pair liquidity to swap any pairs across any network we can bridge to and from. The less dependant we are on other networks, the more wealth the network and its holders can achieve.

Q3 2023
Full Service Liquidity

Once LotSwap is set up with liquidity for various pairs, the infrastructure will be built to allow individuals the ability to place positions in the liquidity pool. This enables token holders to be rewarded for staking and liquidity providing.

Q4 2023
Swap & Liquidity Continued

There will be an ongoing effort to expand full service swap and liquidity across multiple smart contract networks to become a staple for a one stop shop to swap token to token on different networks in a lot sized manner with reduced transaction costs.

Expansion Plan

Upcoming Networks

Unique Approach To Fairness

People should not invest in projects where 10-50% of the supply is owned by a handful of wallets. There should also be hedged risk on rug pulls, which is why LotSwap uses a dynamic distribution algorithm that allows for transparency on project funds. This way, no one allocation can flood the liquidity market and cause undue price volatility.

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LotSwap Tokenomics

Our Supply Breakdown

The Token Distribution breaks down where the total supply will go over time. Only 2-10% of each category will be distributed on launch. Using dynamic distribution logic as a supply control mechanism, the remaining supply is distributed 10 tokens at a time and dispersed based on the Ongoing Distribution.

Ongoing Distribution

Token Distribution

Operating Expenses
Development Pool
Marketing & Ad Pool
Adjustment Pool
Reserve Pool
Initial Team Members
Liquidity Purposes

LotSwap Launches

  • .4m
  • 100m
Current Supply Max Supply
  • Token Name


  • Current Networks

    ETH & BNB

  • New Networks



  • Total Supply

    100.000.000 Tokens

  • Current Price

    Price = $0.100175

  • Token Soft cap


  • Token Hard Cap


  • Future Networks



  • Circulating Supply

    400.000 Tokens

  • Released over ~40yrs

    98.000.000 Tokens

Token FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our common questions asked are answered below. If you have other questions please contact us below or join our discord channel.

What are the objectives of LotSwap?

To bring adoption to new individuals by offering a service which removes the primary barriers to entry; Cost and Ease of Use

What are the best features and services we deliver?

A Protocol to Lot transactions and drastically reduce fees per dollar transacted. In addition, make complex transactions easy to faciltate with a pleasant user experience.

Why is LotSwap important for defi?

LotSwap aims to bring more ownership to individuals that can only transact in smaller amounts, thus creating a more decentralized network. Over time LowSwap will also help instill safer token creation and management practices so it's easier to spot good projects.

What are the long term goals of LotSwap?

An entire lot swapping defi market that creates the easiest way to transact what you need in the fewest steps with the lowest fee. At the same time, making the network owned and operated by a larger distribution of token holders; reaping the benefits of ownership, voting, and wealth while also helping make those guidelines which provides you the service you want.

The Team

You're The Team

LotSwap has a few individuals who helped kick start the idea into realty but the point of decentralized networks is an evenly distributed number of token holders who own the network. If you want, you help hire developers, plan/approve improvements, and pave the path for LotSwap's future.


Developer / PM



Business Strategy