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LotSwap can keep a simple mission and clear roadmap; Solve the fee problem so that more mainstream adoption can occur. At the same time providing the easiest and safest way to obtain the coin, token, or transaction that you need with the least amount of interaction.

With a beta already in testing that encompasses the LotSwap vision, there can be an immediate focus to better secure the bridging system in place, and create an underlying network that facilitates our needs. All at the same time allowing the users to be the owners evolve the network together.

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3 Main Pieces To The Puzzle

Private Decentralized Network, Better Security & Redefining Ownership

One of the major keys to solving the Bridge security problem is first having the right infrastructure to handle the right protocol. LotSwaps goal is to distribute tens of thousands of nodes throughout the world that will connect to one another to form a private network.

The network will allow nodes to communicate with one another so there is no central point to manipulate data. Additionally, with a proof of staking concensus layered on the network, there now can be a private blockchain within the private network that can safetly store transaction and message data.

The staking mechanism can incentivize individuals to setup nodes and expand the network but also to risk their token and act in good faith of the network. Now that we can assure safety of the storage aspect of the Bridge and Lot process, we can focus most of the attention

on making sure messages cannot be tampered with between the contracts and the private network. From here, we can try to keep it simple yet build complexity through layers of simplistic security mechanisms. The structure is perfect as it allows us to make a base

of security mechanisms to prevent tampering of the receiving contract message. After all, if we keep messaging safe then we will never have any vulernabilities to the system. The V1 safety mechanisms when layered with one another theoretically look to diminish

any security breach or vulenrability. There are even checks and balances if for some reason the network was penetrated or messages were intercepted and manipulated, meaning potential threats can be reduced to a negligable amount and can be detected immediately.

A Few Safety Mechanisms

Only admin - sign mint and use private network

Random multi-route multi-message protocol

Per user and per Lot transfer limits

Onion and Seal method for message encryption.

Cross checking data with immutable ledger